Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Perfect Spanish Tortilla!

Recipe Time! 

Okay, so I have a lovely Spanish friend who taught me how to make a real-deal Spanish Tortilla. The way he showed me there weren’t any measurements or the like. Basically make sure your potato to onion ratio is about 3:2 and that your potato/onion to egg ratio is about 3:2. Basically you need to make sure you don’t over egg it, the perfect ratio is what makes it sooooo good! This dish can be eaten alone, in a sandwich, with a salad or as a side to grilled meats. It is super versatile. It pairs well with many wines, including Tempranillo or Verdejo (try the Spanish Vicente Gandia) or with a good Reisling (try the Hochkirch). It also goes well with lighter style reds like a Grenache or a light red blend, check out our full selection here. 

My own tip is to choose your fry pan carefully. I usually cook up my potatoes and onions in a large wok (enough for several tortillas!), and then cook the actual tortilla in a smaller pan that I know inverts easily and isn’t too heavy for me to manage. A non-stick pan is essential.
I also know the capacity of my smaller pan, so when I am making my egg/potato/onion mix I make it to the exact quantity that fits in my pan. I have a large measuring-mixing jug where I combine the ingredients before pouring into the hot pan. If you are making enough for more than one tortilla I recommend combining the egg and veg for each tortilla individually, that way the heat of the vegetables won’t cook the eggs before you get it onto the stove!

 Below are ingredients for one tortilla

500g potatoes (I haven’t been fussy about what kind, I usually buy mine from a local organic veggie seller who drives around our neighbourhood in his ute!)
1-2 onions
Olive oil
3 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley (optional)
6 eggs


1. Peel the potatoes or leave the skins on, if you prefer. Cut them into 5mm slices. Cut onion into half rings of the same thickness
2. Heat a good slug of oil in a large frying pan, add the potatoes and onion and stew gently, partially covered, for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally until the potatoes are softened. (add more oil if it’s sticking or looking dry).
3. Beat the eggs separately, then stir into the potatoes with the parsley if you like, and plenty of salt and pepper. Heat a small amount of olive oil in a smaller pan. Tip everything into the pan and cook on a moderate heat, using a spatula to shape the omelette into a cushion.

4. When almost set, invert on a plate and slide back into the pan and cook a few more minutes, until the middle of the tortilla feels firm, this indicates the egg is all cooked. Some people prefer to leave it a bit gooey in the middle, this is up to you! Slide on to a plate and cool for 10 minutes before serving.

* Variations on this dish are endless! Sometimes I cook slices of red capsicum with the potatoes and onions, or I add a small amount of chorizo or some olives. I also like to place some slices of tomato or some sage leaves in the bottom of the small pan before carefully pouring the mixture over them, this makes a lovely pattern on top of your tortilla for serving!  It's Spanish goodness on a plate, served with Spanish goodness in a glass!

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